Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth
The answer to empowered birth awareness is multifaceted, and needs many
different points of view to heal the current model of birth. Your organization has
SHARE ON THE STREETS-Have your organization show up in a local
parade. Invite mothers and families to join you!

Simply, have your organization share what it
is passionate about on the internet. Ask your members to participate by sharing
BirthPower Week and then sharing what they are passionate about.


MAKE IT YOUR OWN! You don't have to use our logo ( although you can), but
please mention that you are promoting, or supporting the spirit of
Empowered Birth Awareness Week at your event.

If you link your event to the BirthPower Week web page, and
mentionEBirthPower Week when you promote your event, we will link others to
your event by including you on our website and in our promotions.

This mass marketing phenomena will raise awareness and allow others to
connect your organization and its important work. You will have free marketing
for your important work with moms and babies.

All you have to do is, "Make it your own!"
Breastfeeding advocates might  share the importance of breastfeeding, mother friendly hospital care, and
skin to skin contact.

Psychologists  might share about the importance of the primal period.

Midwives & Doulas might march in a local parade and hand out information so the community can "put
faces," on the profession.

Create an information
blast where all of your members publish & promote what is important for you to
share about Empowered Birth.

TWEET, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and Blog, and release it on the same day.

Below are some past EBAW supporters and events.