Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth
Birth Truth on Labor Day

Carla Hartley's Birth Truth on Labor Day was my
inspiration for creating EBAW.
See Carla's inspiration for Birth Truth below,
in her own words.

I have followed Carla and her work through the years
and I admired her vision. When I noticed how many
separate Labor Day events were happening to promote
the truth about birth, I thought,
"Wouldn't it be great if we did this for a whole week and
linked these events together somehow? "
From Carla Hartley,

"In 2005 I had a little meltdown, over the cesarean stats. I had been in birth work 30 years, but for all our shouting and
hand wringing and fist shaking....... we were going backwards instead of forwards in terms of the super large number of
surgical extraction of babies. I wrestled with enormous guilt and frustration and despair.

Then the epiphany.....instead of yelling at hospitals and doctors, I would just tell the truth to as many owners of birth as I

I printed 60,000 of the cards I designed:

"There are more than 40 countries where it is safer to be born than in the US" and I invited friends to either come to NYC
and hand out cards with me or hold local truth telling events.

I knew that many people wanted to participate but didn't have the money or time to join us in Times Square, but they could
have picnics in the park, walk down the beach, have a block party or neighborhood parade with the kids, or hold
individual or neighborhood garage sales.....they could decorate sacks and make signs.

We printed pens to take to restaurants to give to servers. We printed Birth is Safe; Interference is Risky yard signs (my
landlord made me take mine down so I put it in my car window!)

We have not got back to NYC on Labor Day since 2005, but many of us have been telling the truth in our neighborhoods
every Labor Day weekend since. Doesn't take a lot of time or money or travel.....and has been incredibly effective in terms
of helping women take their births back.

I have received so many cards and emails thanking me for a neighborhood BIRTHTRUTH ON LABOR DAY effort that
changed their life.

This is our 7th year.....we don't have the cards this year but we have Trust Birth bands, pens, cookies(instead of fortunes,
contain slogans such as Birth is Safe; Interference is Risky) We are fired up again and will be telling the truth in as many
neighborhoods as we can.

We hope you will join us right where you are!"

Check out all of what Carla and her dedicated tribe of wise women are up to here:
That is when Empowered Birth Awareness Week was born.

Carla Hartley is a visionary and has moved many people to action.
Every year, on Labor Day, women Trust Birth Initiative have
gathered in major cities, in their towns, and on the streets to spread
awareness to the public about empowered birth.

"Tell the Truth; Wear the Truth Picnic, Block Party, Garage Sale
Distribute Cards, Pens or Birth Truth Cookies..."

If you want to do something, you can do something from your own
Click this blue link to contribute or to find out more.